Wipeable Tablecloths Helping Mothers

oil cloth tablecloths are tablecloths that are waterproofed and used as tablecloths, shelf coverings and placemats. They are treated with oil and pigment. Oil cloth tablecloths make easy, especially when it comes to children. These oilcloths can be cleaned easily, with a simple wipe-up.

Extra information about oilcloth table cloths

Types of oil cloth table cloths

Keep in mind; there are a wide variety of pvc tablecloths available; they come in a large range of styles, colours and patterns. These tablecloths are hard-wearing and can withstand a wide range of motions and activities. They are made of high-quality cotton, are given a (PVC) coating. This gives them a waterproof and wipe-clean finish. Some of the designs are traditional, vintage, contemporary, retro, Christmas and Spotty and Stars.

Pros and Cons of oil cloth tables cloths

Besides being a breeze to clean, these table cloths are durable, affordable, come in a variety of colors and patterns, add color and vibrancy to any occasion, cover tables that are in poor shape and can be used for outside dining. The only con is those vinyl tables cloths have are PVC. It will not degrade and is not environmentally friendly. However, these cloths do not need a lot of water to clean them and does not require a lot of disposable paper covers. In addition, it also uses less petroleum than most plastics.

oilcloth tablecloths children will love

Children are intrigued with colours, patterns and styles. Examples of tablecloths that children might enjoy are Babushka Multi Oilcloth, Ollie the Owl Blue Cotton Oilcloth, Comic Strip MONO Vinyl Oilcloth, Farmyard Nursery Vinyl Oilcloth and Balloons Party.

Other great benefits

Most importantly, these tablecloths are great for outdoor dining. For picnics or enjoying a feast on the patio or backyard, they work great. In addition, you don't have to worry about rain dampening or ruining your tablecloth. Also, they are resistant to sunlight and some vinyl tablecloths have an elasticized band that keeps the cloth firmly in place. This gives you a bonus factor, in case your child tugs or pulls on it. In addition, if food or drink is spilled, clean up is easy. Just wipe with a damp cloth and you're done!

To conclude, oil cloth table cloths are tablecloths that are waterproofed and also used as shelf coverings and placemats. Find these unique cloths at your local retail or home improvement store. Choose one or more that best meet your needs.